Treatment Short Film
Treatment Short Film
Dedicated to all those fighting for their lives.




The Short Film 

This film is dedicated to all those who are fighting for their lives.


Behind the Scenes of "Treatment" 

Filmed in June 2018



Nikki Tomlinson


Nikki Tomlinson

Nikki Tomlinson is an actress and stuntwoman, best known for her role as Annie Nolan (2016), Boots' widow and mother-to-be, in NBC's drama series Game of Silence (opposite Larenz Tate, David Lyons, Michael Raymond-James, Derek Philips and Bre Blair) and Nikki's notable stunt credits include various walkers in AMC's The Walking Dead (SAG Award Nominations for Best Stunt Ensemble, 2015 & 2016), a stunt acting role in Megan Leavey (with Kate Mara), stunt doubling for Leslie Mann in The Pact (2018), Rachel McAdams in Game Night (2018) and Naomi Watts in Allegiant: Part 1.


And Heather Fusari


Heather Fusari

Heather Fusari is an actress, stuntwoman, and writer, known for her work on Her Calling (2017), The Walking Dead (2010) and Dynasty (2017).

Heather is currently doubling some of the actresses on Dynasty and frequently travels to New Orleans for stunt work. She just recently finished up a play  'Dreamer Examines His Pillow' directed by renowned acting coach Tim Phillips.

Directed By Andi "&D" Behring

  Pictured: Heather Fusari, Andi Behring, Nikki Tomlinson

Pictured: Heather Fusari, Andi Behring, Nikki Tomlinson


Andi or "&D" as she is known…

... is currently a location manager on location television series such as Dynasty, Black Lightning, and The Vampire Diaries. She has also location manned for feature films, such as Boy Erased and Triple 9. In her off time she also writes and directs her own projects and hopes to shift into directing full time very soon. And D Productions produced it's second project "Treatment" in June of 2018 partnering creatively with the amazing Tyler Buckingham - the short's writer and stunt coordinator. Looking forward, the pilot she wrote entitled Picture's Up has won Best New Media award in The Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition, and has also won awards in the Southern Storytellers Series, Southern California Screenplay Competition, Las Vegas Screenplay Contest, Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, and the Finish Line Script Competition. After "Treatment" is complete, Andi hopes to gear up to produce the pilot for Picture's Up and roll the series into production. She currently lives in Atlanta with her girlfriend Hayley. 

Andi wrote her last short film "Baggage" in early 2014, and the script won screenwriting  competitions at the Houston Comedy Film Festival, Las Vegas Screenplay Competition, Nashville Film Festival, Canada Independent Film Festival, the APM Short Screenplay Competition, the London Film Awards and the 2016 Artists Alliance Short Screenplay Competition. Once she had enough fundraising, she started her own production company in January of 2016, and And D Productions, Inc. was born – also known as &D Productions. The new production company completed filming on it’s first official project “Baggage” in May of 2016 in New York City.

Baggage has most recently been in the Brazil Film Festival, Hollywood Comedy Shorts at the Chinese Theater in L.A., Huntington Beach Film Festival, California Film Awards (Gold Award), the Southern Shorts Awards (Best Cinematography, Best Comedy Award) and the London Film Awards (Golden Lion Award for “Best Actress” to lead Allie Ficken). It has also been featured and in the Cinema on the Bayou Festival in Louisiana, the USA Film Festival in Texas, Madrid International Film Festival, Breckenridge Film Festival, Anchorage Alaska Film Festival, Los Angeles Cinefest, Knoxville Film Festival, New York Shorts Fest, Charlotte Film Festival, The Valley Film Festival, The Big Apple Film Festival, Austin Indie Fest, BLOW UP Film Fest Chicago, the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, the Sacramento Film and Music Fest, and the Broad Humor Festival in Los Angeles. 


Written, Casted, and Stunt Coordinated by Tyler Buckingham


Tyler Buckingham

Tyler Buckingham is an actor, stuntman, writer, and director, known for his work on The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Halt and Catch Fire, and Megan Leavey. His first short, 'Arabia', is currently in the festival circuit and finishing up his 2nd short film, 'Bro/ken', which will be pitched as a potential TV Series.

Cinematography By   Sean Cruz


Sean was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and then moved to Marina Del Ray in California where he spent most of his childhood. At age 13, Sean moved again to Shreveport, Louisiana where as a teenager he quickly started working setting up concert, theater and tour lighting. He built a career over twenty years working with entertainers from the WWE, Kid Rick, KISS, and many more, which eventually led him into the world of film lighting in 2007. In 2009 Sean moved to Atlanta in hopes of getting more involved in their budding film industry, thanks to a newly enacted state tax break which brought many studios’ up and coming projects into the state of Georgia. He then gaffed and was an electrician on projects such as Baby Driver, Ozark (Netfilx), Dumb and Dumber To, Kill the Messenger, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Captain Phillips, Revelation, The Vampire Diaries (The CW), The Departed, Skateland, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Leaves of Grass, Year One, W., Disaster Movie, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Mad Money, The Great Debaters and The Mist. In 2016 Sean shot "Baggage" with Andi Behring, and went on to win Best Cinematography in the Southern Shorts Awards in 2017. Baggage has since been featured in 36 film festivals and has been shown most recently at the Grauman's Chinese Theater during the Hollywood Comedy Film Festival in April of 2018. 

Sean lives in Atlanta with his girlfriend Mallory and their dogs. Sean is proud to be of Native American heritage, specifically from Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. 

 Sean on top of Arabia Mountain

Sean on top of Arabia Mountain

@photonavenger and @native2kicks

 Treatment marks Sean and Andi's third project together!

Treatment marks Sean and Andi's third project together!

 Justin Barrios operated A Camera while Sean Cruz was  B Camera operator.

Justin Barrios operated A Camera while Sean Cruz was  B Camera operator.